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Certified Drone Media, fully insured* and with FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot Certification, specializes in UAV / Drone 4k video footage and photography. We will work with you to capture the most effective aerial footage and imagery for your business, legal cases, construction projects and real estate. From the air is the new perspective at a fraction of the cost of previously used aerial media methods. Hiring a helicopter pilot and photographer can cost thousands of dollars to capture what most would argue, mediocre image results. Certified Drone Media Services offers very cost effective, fully insured, dramatic, efficient drone media with, in most cases, 24 hour turnaround to a secure, password protected, private online gallery.

Safety, FAA Clearance and 100% customer satisfaction is paramount with Certified Drone Media.

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Certified Drone Media - Andy Dean Photog - Street

 Accident Investigation Media

Certified Drone Media - Cost effective and safe Accident Location Investigation Media - high definition 4k drone footage and photography.